Say "hello!," Brian.

BT Lives! Here's a selection of snaps of Brian, the boy wonder goof, from the past year or so...  Top

Hey, kids! Brian knows the names of all of Thomas' friends. Do you? Here's a little game to test your tank engine knowledge. (Pssst! Passing the test is easier if you can read their Japanese names!)  Top


Brian's birthday is June 1st. In 1998, he'll be 5 years old. Why not send him a birthday card? Just click the 'Happy Birthday, Brian!' button.

If you tell him when YOUR birthday is, he'll send YOU a birthday card!


There's more about Brian in the family's 1997 Nengaletter  Top

The Family Photo Album contains more pictures of Brian.  Top

  Brian has his own e-mail address on the family's domain. Why not send him a message telling him how you liked his page?  Top

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