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Our ever growing family is matched only by our ever growing collection of family photos. If you want to know what's happening with the Porritt/Kariya family, here's where to find out.

Family Photos from 2001
Snapshots from the family's 2001 photo album. Enjoy!

7-5-3 Ceremony (Shichi-go-san)

Michelle turned 3 in 1999. It's a magical age in any culture, but in Japan, children of this age (and 5 and 7) have ther own special ceremony to celebrate.

Come inside to find out how Michelle handled her 'coming-of-age' day. She's got stories and pictures -- even a short QuickTime movie.


Hawaii '99

It had been a long time -- far too long -- since Steve was last back in Hawaii. (Home!) And the trip was way too short. So he can't wait to go back again. Neither can Yoko and the kids. Why? Read on!

Doro Hattcho '99

Ahh, quiet green tranquility! A rarity in Japan, I assure you. So quiet, green and tranquil is Doro Kyo (Doro Gorge) that it has become your correspondent's favorite retreat from the Kansai's manic urban bustle. This was our fourth trip to the area in the past 10 years. Virtually nothing has changed. The river is still icy cold, the valleys remain green pockets of unblemished nature, and the hot spring bath is still the perfect ending to a day of hiking and swimming.

Autumn '98

Autumn is the season of colors, from the reds and golds of the foliage on Mt. Rokko, to the dark browns of the annual Osaka International Beer Summit, from the blues and greys of the fall typhoons, to the black and oranges of Halloween (Japan style). Last but not least, Autumn is the season of Sports Days. And with three kids in the family, that's a lot of Sports Days!

Summer '98

The summer of '98. It was long and hot and filled with water.

Nagano Olympics?

Nagano Olymmpics?

Pictures and stories about our trip to the 1998 Nagano Olympics! Well, sort of...

One Fine Day in the Park

One Fine Day in the Park...

My adventures one spring day with a digital camera. Rollerblading in the park...Tobari Ramen...Pokemon...I snapped them all.

Photo Album 1998


Plenty of new pages with family photos and their stories. More Japanese culture (rotenburo, undokai, oshogatsu, etc.) and piles of kid pics. Set your modems to 'stun' (we're talkin' LOTS o' pictures here!) then click the graphic at the left to go to the first page.

Photo Album 1997


Haphazard selections from the mass of unsorted, undated, unknown photos on Steve's desk. Never mind the year indicated in the button at the left -- most of the photos in this collection are from 1997. These pictures can also be found on the first ten pages of the 1998 collection above.

Michelle Year in Pictures
Brian Year in Pictures
calvin Year in Picutres
Some of the best pictures and stories of 1996/1997 can be found in the kid's albums!

Photos 1996


There's no photo album as such, but every page of our 1996 web site had at least one photo. Of course, Michelle's page has plenty of baby pictures from her first few days!

Welcome! Family Photo Albums NengaLetters e--mail logokyomedia.com