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Yoko, Michelle Lynn, Obaa-chan
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On Sunday, September 20, 1996, we took Michelle to Sumiyoshi Temple for her presentation to the gods. This presentation is called Omiyamairi. (Click the word to hear Yoko pronounce it) I suppose it is the equivalent of the Christian baptism, though you shouldn't quote me on that.  

Calvin also did Omiyamairi, at a temple in Gobo, Yoko's home town, where her parents live. This is a picture of Calvin's ceremony.

Brian didn't have a ceremony. I don't remember why, but it probably had something to do with preparations for moving to Rokko Island. I do remember him being just a few days old when we signed the final papers for the apartment.

Back to Michelle's ceremony. The obligatory family photos...

Temples have (at least) two parts: an inner temple and an outer temple. The top picture of Sumiyoshi Temple is the outer temple. The four pictures shown here were taken inside the inner temple.
The paper wand and metal doo-hickey (an ancient, obscure, religious, Japanese word -- no translation) which are waved over the child.

The roof of the inner temple.

Don was over at our place the other day and I showed him this page. He took one look at this picture of the inner temple roof and said that this was a 'male' shrine because the parts on the roof were pointing up. He says that 'female' temples have parts that point down. How many folks out there think that Don spends too much time in singles bars? (Actually, he is right!)

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