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We stayed at Friend Don's apartment on Date Street, Its a great location: just north of Waikiki, and south of the University of Hawaii. Ala Moana and Kuhio beaches are just a few minutes away by car, as are Ward Center and Ala Moana shopping malls. Ono Hawaiian Restaurant is also just a few minutes away. Of course, on O'ahu, one is never very far from anywhere...Waimea Bay is only an hour and a bit away, and Kailua/Lanikai are about 30 minutes away. In fact, all of O'ahu could fit very comfortably into the greater Kobe metropolitan area!

Don has a killer view from his 42nd-floor apartment. The entire north and west walls of the apartment are windows, providing magnificient panoramas from Waikiki all the way around to Koko Head. Crack open the louvers, and the tradewinds keep the apartment cool and breezy. But ya gotta remember to watch the back of Manoa Valley for signs of rain...those same louvers and tradewinds can make quite a wet mess if you don't close the louvers in time.

The picture above is actually a scrolling panorama. Just click and hold your mouse button down over the picture and scroll left or right to see the entire view from the apartment.

In Hawaii, particularly in the spring, rainbows are as common as rain showers. From Don's apartment, we saw rainbows every other day. Sometimes to the east or south, as here, over Ala Moana...

...but more often to the north in always-rainy Manoa Valley.

Welcome! Family Photo Albums Nengaletters e-mail logokyomedia.com